Ceiba Web


Mario Vega

Ceiba Web is a web development company, founded by and comprised of one Mario Vega, focused on building and distributing people-first technology. As a society, we are incredibly lucky to live in an era of unprecedented technological progress. Using innovative solutions available to anybody with an Internet connection, businesses and organizations across the globe overcome challenges considered unsolvable even a decade ago.

However, the benefits of this technology have not been equally distributed to date. Those who gain the most from these new tools are those who understand them -- and there's few ideas more daunting to the average person than learning the inner mechanics of technology.

At Ceiba Web, our efforts are aimed squarely at bridging that divide, and we do so through two primary approaches.

Firstly, we build custom technological solutions for organizations of all sizes and purposes. We design, develop, deploy and scale web-based programs for our commercial and philanthropic partners.

Our development process emphasizes communication and feedback-based development: we don't begin building anything until we've established exactly what our partners need and how we can best help them attain their goals.

Additionally, we provide consulting services to help our partners get the maximum utility out of the technology they already use, and recommend improvements outside of custom technology.

We create content to help people better understand web technology and its impact on our daily lives, regardless of technical background or expertise. The importance for tomorrow's world citizens to know the powers and limitations of the tools that power our daily existence cannot be overstated. However, many technology guides and tutorials assume a level of familiarity with the nuances of their subject matter that often serve to intimidate and drive away otherwise interested enthusiasts.

To contact us, email at [email protected]